Show Me a Winner Poker Tour

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Player FAQ

1.  How much does it cost to play? 

     Answer:  It is always free for players to play. 

2.  Should I tip the dealer?

     Answer:  Dealer tips are not required, but are appreciated.

3.  How many game chips do I begin with?

     Answer:  Each player begins with 2500 game chips.

4.  What denomination are each chip color?

     Answer:  Green = $25

                  Black = $100

                  Red = $500

                  White = $1000

                  Pink - $5000

                  Blue = $10,000

5.  How can I get more game chips?


                 * Arrive at the venue early and support the establishment....

                  arrive before game start time and earn a roll of the dice at the beginning                   of the game to get extra chips. 

                 * Bring a friend to a game......both you and your friend get $500   

                  in chips. (Friend must be a new player to Show Me a Winner Poker Tour)


6. What is the prize for the game winner? 

     Answer:  Typically the winner receives a gift certificate or bar tab to be used at the winning location but prizes sometime vary.  Gift certificates and bar tabs are not valid for use the night they are won. 

7.  Why do some venues award prizes for 1st and 2nd place and others only give a prize for 1st place?

     Answer:  It is at the discretion of the location manager or owner whether prizes are given for 1st and 2nd places or just 1st place.

8.  What is a Frequent Player Card?

      Answer Frequent Player Cards are free and earn you additional chips for frequent play.  Have your dealer validate your card each time you play.  Each validation is worth $100 in game chips and can be redeemed at any weekly game (i.e. 5 validations = $500 in chips).  Extra incentive....earn an $500 extra in chips by playing at least once a week.  Ask your dealer for a card and get started earning bonuses for your loyalty.                 

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